The Teen Yellow Pages

The Teen Yellow Pages is a community service publication of National Council of Jewish Women, Michigan.

Inclusion in the Teen Yellow Pages does not imply endorsement nor does omission imply disapproval. National Council of Jewish Women, Michigan is not responsible for the services provided by these agencies.

Revised December, 2023


As teenagers, you are faced with various questions and decisions. The TEEN YELLOW PAGES is a resource written especially for you.

This directory focuses on critical topics and offers information and contact numbers of services in our community. The TEEN YELLOW PAGES will let you make choices and will give you the information you need to reach informed, individual decisions.

If you have uncomfortable feelings and something is bothering you, the best people to talk to are usually your parents or legal guardians. If you can’t talk to them but need help to sort out your feelings, try other responsible adults such as family members, a religious leader, teacher or school counselor.

The most important thing to remember is that there are people out there to help.